Authentic Moroccan Homestay

«A unique experience»

Do you want to add a special destination to your Morocco round trip? 

Do you want to create lasting memories your clients won’t forget? 

Do you need an excellent place to stay between Tafedna and Imsouane?

Don’t look further – you have found the right place!

What makes us special?

  • honest warmth & humour
  • a familiar and welcoming feeling – stay with a family
  • enjoy incredible nature, tranquility and the simple things
  • discover something new every day – be surprised 🙂
  • a traditional yet modern house with its very own touch
  • an exceptional touristic experience – the only one in the area!
  • an experienced, funny and passionate host and guide , who’s happy to
    see his world through his guests eyes
  • Very family friendly

What's our quality?

  • 10+ years experience with guests – individuals & groups
  • cleanliness and food security (including cooking at the beach)
  • all homemade delicious food at a rarely seen quality
  • modernized amenities in a traditional house
  • official touristic license by the government
  • transparency: open house for guests.
  • trust, honesty & open communication – share your feedback,
    we’re happy to improve!

What we offer?

 Making your clients happy and make them leave with a good feeling!

Let’s talk about your trip – get in touch:

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