Authentic Moroccan Homestay

Our Story

Authentic Moroccan Homestay is the common project of Mohamed and Stefan. They met in 2014 and Mohamed told Stefan about his dream of hosting people in his home in Timezguida Oufettas. They didn’t really understand each other well, because Stefan didn’t speak French, Mohamed didn’t speak English.

Nonetheless, they started the little project from almost nothing but good intentions. There was no toilet in the house, not even an entrance door. But you could feel the family’s hospitality, heart and generosity.

Very slowly, with patience and a shared vision of a warm and welcoming place for guests, the dream grew bigger, the house became ever more beautiful and comfortable.

You’re more than welcome to enjoy this little gem and be part of our story!

Our little homestay could not be the same without Aicha! Her cuisine and creativity amazes people every day and she adds her own special touch to classic Moroccan dishes. She runs and organizes the whole house.

There’s almost no review that does not mention Aicha’s cooking and her humble and kind character. We’re more than thankful for her support and contribution!